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These are the things we can help you with.




At BrainBoutik we know from our years of experience working in and with some of the biggest international companies that Digital Projects need three essential components to succeed. The introduction of a Digital CULTURE within the organization that will help to empower every department and every employee to feel part of the transformation. The definition of a STRATEGY that will emerge from the cross-departmental collaboration and transparency that the cultural change will foster. And the additional of true Digital TALENT that will be able to tackle the operational implementation of the Digital Strategy in cross-departmental information and knowledge sharing culture.

We can help you with all three aspects of the preparation phase or even jump on board an ongoing process to help you improve it or correct the course if you are feeling it is drifting in the wrong direction.


 We can help you develop your Digital Culture by introducing a work environment that uses the technology your employees are already familiar with and instantly bring amazing new ways to communicate and collaborate. You will quickly reach totally new levels of knowledge exchange and employee engagement that will help break down the silos preventing cross-functional operational efficiency necessary for a true Digital Transformation of your business. 


A successful Digital Strategy requires a cross-functional team with representatives from every business unit of your organization to collectively define what the Digital Experience of your main customer with your products and services should look like. 

We will help you build that customer-centric Digital Strategy that will help you disrupt yourself rather than being disrupted by outside forces.


A Digital Strategy always starts with the talents you already have by helping them apply Digital thinking to the business knowledge they have about your particular industry and by adding complementary Digital talents to the mix that can take over the operational implementation. 

We will help you identify and recruit the best Digital talents for every aspect of the strategy to make sure that they perfectly fit into the equation.


Once you have set your Digital Strategy and internal organization it is time to get things going and usually you start with the activities that are going to help you to become a digital magnet for your Customers. At BrainBoutik we know that everything in this regard starts with DIGITAL CONTENT that will appeal to your audience. That audience will also define the SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS & INFLUENCERS you will want to have a presence on and work with. Finally, once you found a good mix between the content and the channels you will want to Amplify their resonance and make sure that they are as visible as possible through SEO & PAID MEDIA activities. 


Content is the fuel of Digital Marketing, without it nothing goes. But it’s also very easy to use the wrong fuel and your engine won’t start. 

We have years of experience in creating content that is findable and engaging for your audience, we know exactly how to choose the right format according to the message that your customers want to hear. From videos to blog posts, infographics to cinemagraphs, we can do it all. 


Not every channel is right when it comes to reaching your audience and you should make sure you pick the right one before investing in building a presence. 

We will help you analyse your audience to identify which social media channel and what influencers are right for you so you can distribute your content in an efficient and targetted way. 


Depending on your business requirements SEO & PAID are two crucial elements to get visibility online either by using one or the other or both combined. 

We can help you make sure that your web presence and content are fully SEO optimized according to the latest rules set by all major search engines in order to make sure that you generate long-standing organic traffic. 

We can also help you build a PAID strategy to efficiently reach your specific target audience be it through search or social in order to kick-start or fast track your online visibility. 


Reaching and attracting your audience is the first step to building an effective presence online but converting this audience is what will make it all worthwhile. Making sure that you have a state of the art MOBILE READY WEB PRESENCE will define how much you will be able to convert. Building an efficient MARKETING PERFORMANCE plan to optimize your customer journey and increase conversion rates will be the second step. Efficiently ANALYSING the data gathered throughout the journey will be the final step before rinsing and repeating the whole process. 


Your website is the single most important marketing tool for your business. It’s the first fully immersive experience your customers will have with your brand after finding you through search, social or paid experiences on platforms owned by other brands. 

We can help you build a website that will bring the best possible experience whatever the device your users will be on. Serving content that responds exactly to their expectations without losing them in a complicated navigation experience.

Most importantly we can make it easy to maintain and evolve so the experience it offers is in-line with the standards set by the best companies in the world. 


The customer journey is an ever moving path that will lead your customer to the purchasing decision (ZMOT) and beyond. It defines the experience he will have with your brand. 

We can help you to build the first journey that will lead your customer through that experience and continuously improve it while making sure he doesn’t get lost on its way by a careful choice of technologies that will allow to track him without any gaps. 

We can also help you to optimize and improve an existing journey and make sure that it becomes as flawless as possible. 


User analytics helps you learn how users engage with your products, experiences, and campaigns so you can make them better. 

We can help you analyze each interaction across the full customer journey using internal and external data. Improve engagement and lifetime value by nudging users based on actions they’ve taken.